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HooBlong brings two powerful new capabilities to ExpressionEngine®:

  • Front end content access security based on time-honored need-to-know principles
  • The ability to assign members to more than one member group

With HooBlong you can assign individual users to any number of available user groups so that their access permissions are combined in a logical way.

HooBlong also provides a unique new access control feature - Need-to-Know Access Control whereby you can specify a unique set of access levels for each site, each group/site combination and each channel, which are used by HooBlong to control access to channel content in the front end.

Why Not Just Stay With the EE Way?

There is no equivalent EE way!

However, EE does an excellent job of organising content for presentation via the channel. HooBlong leverages this strength to deliver multiple membership and graduated access control.

So what, and Who Cares?

Enterprises routinely assign employees (and contractors and clients) to multiple roles. Multiple roles, and therefore multiple group memberships are the natural architecture of the enterprise. At the same time, enterprises want to control sensitive information on a need-to-know basis. IT systems simply have to meet these needs to compete in the enterprise world.

An Enterprise-ready Content Managment System must therefore master at least these access control disciplines:

  • The ability to filter content by group membership according to a suitable need-to-know policy
  • The ability to assign users to more than one group
  • The ability to easily swap group assignments in and out
  • The ability to gracefully and securely redirect the users if access to content is denied

HooBlong does all that!

And if you want to really enjoy the world of multiple memberships but you are still trolling through umpteen different member group CP displays, then just add HooKan to your HooBlong. HooKan is the easy way to manage member group permissions with all member group permissions on a single page.

HooBlong is MSM-aware

"HooBlong" is short for "Who belongs" to what.

yes - Cheezy - we know.


Make sure these prequisites are in place:
  • ExpressionEngine V2.7.3 or later


  • Download and unzip the latest release
  • Place the system/third_party/hooblong directory in your /system/third_party directory
  • Place the themes/third_party/hooblong directory in your /themes/third_party directory
  • Log on to the EE control panel, select the Add-Ons menu and install the HooKan module
  • Version 2.0.3
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a PHP error that ocurred due to an incompatibility with EE V2.11.2.
  • Version 2.0.2
    • BUGFIX - Corrected an ajax bug causing the entire EE CP to be returned when updating a category access setting, instead of changing the status display. The DB was correctly updated - only the status display was affected.
  • Version 2.0.1
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a bug causing PHP errors when viewing multiple membership permissions for individual users in the HooBlong CP
  • Version 2.0
    • UPGRADED - HooBlong's multiple membership access rules now apply to the EE CP as well, and the same rules regulate access to the CP via the EE CP login page.
    • DEPRECATED - Earlier versions of HooBlong always combined assigned channels with accessible channels (channels with access level >= user's computed access level). This behaviour is DEPRECATED in favour of a more flexible method of access control, based upon a new "access" parameter. See next and changelog V1.1.5 below
    • IMPROVED - Introduced the channel "access" parameter for finer control of access to channel content, and to allow a more intuitive control of content access while preserving backward compatibility with previous versions. Channel access is now controlled as follows:
      • if no access_parameter OR access_parameter == 'both'
        (To preserve backward compatibility with earlier HooBlong installations, the default behavior in the absence of the access parameter, is the same as if the parameter is set to "both")
      • viewable channels = unique combination of channel parameter(s) if any, assigned channels if any and channels with access levels >= user's computed access level if any
      • if access_parameter == 'assigned'
      • viewable channels = logical intersection of channel parameter(s) if any with assigned channels if any
      • if access_parameter == 'access_level'
      • viewable channels = logical intersection of channel parameter(s) if any with channels with access levels >= user's computed access level if any
      • if no result, access denied
    • IMPROVED - Provided an exp:hooblong:comments tag pair that returns an array of viewable comments for the logged-in user, if any. Viewable cooments follow the same rules as for viewable channels, viz. the returned data depends upon the interaction between channel assignment, channel accessibility and channel parameter(s). To display viewable comments, use the exp:hooblong:comments tag pair. All native EE comments variables are available as well.
    • IMPROVED - Provided a full set of comments variables for testing EE's native comments permissions in the front end
    • BUGFIX - Corrected default status behaviour to follow the EE standard. If no status parameter is specified, HooBlong now defaults to the "open" status
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a bug whereby channels without assigned categories were ignored rather than treated as accessible (provided all other access criteria are met)
  • Version 1.1.6
    • IMPROVED - Updated DataTables to version 1.10 and Fixed Columns Tables to version 3
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a minor but confusing display error in the Member Permissions View that displayed the words "No results" when a member does not have permission to edit templates, instead of simply using the no access (grey circle) icon.
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a Member Permissions View that listed modules that are not assignable, viz. modules that do not have a CP back end
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a Settings View that inserted a complete row of padding when the number of member groups is an integral of the number four, due to incorect conditional code.
  • Version 1.1.5
    • IMPROVED - HooBlong now works harder to respect specified channel parameters, only filtering out channels with access levels > the user's computed access level. If no channel parameters are specified, then all channels with access levels <= the user's computed access level are combined with any assigned channels into a composite channel parameter. This allows designers greater control over channel content by setting channel parameters, while allowing HooBlong to serve up all accessible channels when the channel parameter is omitted.
  • Version 1.1.4
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a PHP error due to code that was incompatible with sites running PHP versions below V5.5
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a coding error that caused template_no_access permissions to be placed in an incorrect state after parsing templates with embeds that are inaccessible per HooBlong Access-Logic
  • Version 1.1.3
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a coding error that caused front end php errors when there are either no assigned channels or no accessible channels
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a design error that caused embedded templates to be ignored when made accessible through a non-home membership, if they were not already accessible via the home group
    • IMPROVED - Improved reliability and security because template access control no longer depends on EE bounce template settings to function correctly. Choose your bounce settings as you wish
  • Version 1.1.2
    • BUGFIX - Corrected an error when using the HooBlong DataTables Search feature, that caused search results for all sites to be returned, rather than for the current site
    • BUGFIX - Corrected an error that caused blank screens due to a conflict with other addons using the template post parse hook
    • BUGFIX - Corrected an error in the HooBlong Settings that caused the Member CP Access Override Settings Table to be malformed, which in turn caused all ajax functions on the same page to stop working
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a PHP error that occurred when changing a member’s membership in a member group using EE, if the member belongs to a single group
  • Version 1.1.1
    • NEW FEATURE - HooBlong now provides secure access to templates as well as content.
    • BUGFIX - Corrected an error whereby members could be removed from all groups in the HooBlong CP. Members must belong to at least one group, and attempting to remove the last group form HooBlomg multiple memberships now results in an error message and retention of that group
    • BUGFIX - Corrected an error whereby changes to members' assigned member groups, when made in the EE CP, were not correctly tracked by HooBlong
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a bug whereby member data could be lost when changing member groups back and forth in both the EE CP and HooBlong
    • DOCUMENTATION - Updated the downloadable Access Rules PDF to reflect the addition of the secure templates feature.
    • DOCUMENTATION - Updated both the downloadable and the online viewable manual covering:
      • A description of the Secure Templates feature
      • Some notes on how to get the most utility and security from the Secure Templates feature by careful setup of EE's template access control features
      • An explanation of the consequences of changing Home Group membership in EE CP after HooBlong is installed
  • Version 1.0Build140302
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a number of errors in the Hooblong_upd class that showed up when installing/uninstalling
    • IMPROVED - Added Category Group Titles to the Category Settings Display
  • Version 1.0Build140227
    • IMPROVED - Pagination now includes multi-button pagination as well as user-selectable display length change and efficient searching on large memeber and member group sites
    • IMPROVED - Widened the member CP Access Override settings table to better display large numbers of members, by displaying more columns side-by-side, and by having a fixed table heading.
    • BUGFIX - Corrected an error whereby the ajax POST method caused a redirect due to XID failure on certain EE versions before V2.7
  • Version 1.0Build140226
    • BUGFIX - Corrected "NetworkError: 414 Request-URI Too Large” when using the GET method on sites with large numbers of groups, to feed parameters to DataTables. Changed to GET_POST
    • BUGFIX - Corrected AJAX/XID problems occurring on certain EE versions before V2.7, that caused 302 redirects when trying to load the HooBlong Membership display table
    • BUGFIX - Converted single quotes in member groups names to entities to avoid malformation of the DataTables serverside JSON return
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a number of "NetworkError: 404 Not Found" errors caused by incorrect image mime types
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a query that screwed up the Member CP Access Settings table because the select was not limited to the current site
  • Version 1.0Build140212
    • BUGFIX - Corrected two js errors arising from file types specified as jpg instead of png
  • Version 1.0
    • NEW SYSTEM REQUIREMENT - Minimum EE version is now V2.7.3, made necessary by Channel Form authentication requirements
    • NEW FEATURE - Implemented a complete front end CRUD capability for channel entries with multiple memberships, if the user has CP access. Using the EE Channel Entry Form as the front end entry/edit vehicle, the feature includes:
      • Ability to make new entries if user can publish per HooBlong rules
      • Ability to edit entries if user can edit per HooBlong rules. NOTE: per EE rules, 'can edit entries authored by others' is not effective if the author is superadmin
      • Ability to delete own entries if user can delete own entries per HooBlong rules
      • Ability to delete all entries if user can delete all entries per HooBlong rules
    • IMPROVED - The HooBlong multiple memberships view is now serverside driven to enable pagination of large numbers of members/member groups, which otherwise would cause memory limit errors and display truncation
    • IMPROVED - Member group headings in the multiple memberships view now include the Group Name as well as the group ID
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added {hb_can_publish} variable to HooBlong variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added {hb_can_edit_own_entries} variable to HooBlong variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added {hb_can_edit_other_entries} variable to HooBlong variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added {hb_can_delete_own_entries} variable to HooBlong variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added {hb_can_delete_all_entries} variable to HooBlong variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added member's {hb_computed_access_level} variable to HooBlong variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added {hb_accessible_channel_name} variable to HooBlong variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added {hb_channel_access_level} variable to HooBlong variables
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a php error arising from a nomenclature change in the channel entry level fieldtype logic
    • BUGFIX - Corrected some php errors arising from changing group permissions that affect Site Accesses
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a logic error that caused member permissions to not be updated when group membership changes are made in the HooBlong CP
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a logic error that caused categories with the same names to ignore some of the associated category IDs
    • BUGFIX - Corrected a logic error that prevented access to HooBlong's variables when called between the {exp:hooblong:entries} tags. This did not affect the actual HooBlong access logic.
    • BUGFIX - Fixed a JS/DataTables bug that caused a browser jump when updating after a downward scroll
    • BUGFIX - Fixed an issue caused by EE V2.7 whereby the XID hash now has to be restored, otherwise the dreaded 'The action you have requested is invalid' error is displayed when updating the tables more than once after a reload, with 'Process form data in Secure Mode' set to Yes
    • BUGFIX - Corrected code that caused the {exp:hooblong:entries} tag to return no content for logged-in superadmins
    • DOCUMENTATION - Published a detailed Access Rules flowchart
    • DOCUMENTATION - Published an "Access Mosaic" showing how to set up HooBlong to control access by groups and combinations of groups for a typical corporate enterprise. The document also contains detailed "yes/No" access conditions for different combinations of access level
    • DOCUMENTATION - Updated the HooBlong manual to reflect V.0 changes
  • Version 0.9.6
    • IMPROVED - Channel Searches now only for current site
    • IMPROVED - Status searches now only for current site
    • IMPROVED - Statuses now tracked by ID to allow for multiple statuses with the same name
    • IMPROVED - Templates now tracked by ID to allow for multiple templates with the same name
    • NEW FEATURE - Added channel short name to HooBlong variables
    • NEW FEATURE - Added category access control - this feature is unique to HooBlong. Added related variables
    • NEW VARIABLE - Added Site Label to HooBlong variables
    • BUGFIX - Fixed code that caused php errors when updating EE to V2.7
  • Version 0.9.5
    • Uses new V2.6 hooks for member updates
    • Removed some functions that are no longer required
    • Added the ability to view HooBlong variables outside of the entries tags by the {exp:hooblong:variables} tag pair
    • Added a variable pair {hb_accessible_channels} to display channels whose access levels are <= the user's computed access level, as well as the associated internal variables {hb_accessible_channel_id} and {hb_accessible_channel_title}
    • Added a variable {hb_accessible_channel_count}
    • Modified the access level settings tables to allow negative access levels
    • Modified the update routines to accomodate additions and deletions of extensions when changing EE versions
  • Version 0.9.4
    • Added a fieldtype for giving individual entries an access level filter
    • Added a Dynamic Channel Parameter facility that populates the channel parameter with the member's accessible channels, if the channel parameter is blank or missing
    • Updated the manual
  • Version 0.9.3
    • Fixed a bug that prevented correct operation when a piped list of statuses was used in conjuction with a channel parameter
    • Fixed a PHP error when synchronizing channels
    • Moved channel variables into their own function
    • Modified the module to inject assigned channels into the channel parameter when the tag has channel=''
    • Fixed a bug that threw multiple PHP errors when a member is assigned to only one group
    • Fixed a bug that threw PHP errors when a member is assigned only to a non-home group
  • Version 0.9Build130709 Beta
    • Upgraded to recognise hidden config vars for themes
  • Initial Release
    • Version 0.9 Beta
Implement Front End Control Panel CRUD API for HooBlong
- this will expand multiple group functionality for entries into the EE Control Panel for members with CP access
Paginate Member Display Table for Large Member Sites
Add an access level fieldtype to allow authors to assign an access level to individual entries. This will allow for access control for individual channel entries, in addition to or independent of channel level access control.
Add a Dynamic Channel Parameter facility that will populate the channel parameter with the member's assigned channels, if the channel parameter is blank or missing
Add a Dynamic Status Parameter facility that will populate the status parameter with the member's assigned statuses, if the status parameter is blank or missing
Add a Category Access Control facility, controlled by a settings table
Add a Dynamic Category Parameter facility that will populate the category parameter with the member's assigned categories, if the category parameter is blank or missing
Add a multiselect Member Group fieldtype to allow authors to designate member groups that are able to access individual entries
Add Playa Compatibility, so that related entries conform to HooBlong access control rules
Add EE Relationships Compatibility, so that related entries conform to HooBlong access control rules
Add an Access Simulator to the CP. Inputs to be Channel Parameter, Status Parameter, Entry Access Level and Member ID. Output to indicate Access Granted or Access Denied
Provide Additional Variables for Front End as follows
- CP Access (Yes/No)
- Other Yes/No Permssions (See release notes)
Additional Access Listings as follows
- Template Groups and Templates
- Category Group (Ability to Edit/Delete)
- Upload Permissions
- Forum Board and Forum Access Permissions (If Forum Module is Installed)
Provide a Way for Members to View Their Permissions in The Front End
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